Half Hour Fantasy Podcast

HHFP #90 S2 Finale

Peter, Tom & Donnie this week with our last podcast of the season.

Thanks for every listen , download, question and twitter interaction over the past season.

Have a great summer and we'll be back next season for more fantasy action.

Thanks the HHFP team.

HHFP #89 Rotational Risk

Peter and Donnie this episode cover GW37 and look ahead to the last GW of the season.

HHFP #88 Feeling Punty Yet?

Peter, Tom & Donnie discuss

.GW36 results

.Toms review

.Donnie's dive

.Community Questions

.GW37 transfer and captaincy thoughts

.HHFP Cup 


HHFP #87 Fergie Time

Peter, Tom & Donnie this week discuss

.GW34 review

.Tom time - thoughts from this round of games

.Donnie's dive - what teams have something to play for

.HHFP Cup.....Pedro last podcaster standing 

.Community questions

.Fantasy meet up in Glasgow - any interest then DM me @fantasyhalf (last week July / early Aug)

HHFP #86 Jim Badloss

This week Peter, Tom and Donnie discuss

.GW34 review

.Tom time

.Donnie's dive 


HHFP #85 Wildcard Reveal

Peter, Tom & Donnie this week discuss....

.Semi final fallout

.Team with stuff to play for

.Community questions

.Wildcard reveal

.HHFP Cup 2nd Round GW34

HHFP #84 Wildcard Musings

Peter and Tom this week discuss...

.GW33 review 

.HHFPCup 1st round /  2nd round draw


.Post split fixtures / rotation

HHFP #83 In The Mix For The Top 6

Peter, Tom and Donnie discuss

. GW32 review

. Tom Time

. Donnie Deep Dive

. Next season app updates

. Ideal top 6

HHFP #82 Eliteserien with Heskibo

Peter is joined this week by Heskibo

We cover all things Norwegian Fantasy Football which kicks off this weekend

HHFP #81 A Good-Win

Peter, Tom & Donnie this week discuss...

. HHFP Cup

. GW31 results

. Tom Time

. Donnies Deep Dive


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