Half Hour Hoops Podcast

HHH #68 Sheep Shagged

The team go over the Aberdeen game and the usual chat 


HHH #67 Brutal

Peter and Steff this week discuss the last 2 games.


HHH #66 F’kin Eez-eh

A full pod this week as we discuss the Rangers game and all the fallout.


HHH #65 Let’s Finish This

Peter and Ryan this week discuss the Scotland games and preview the Rangers game.


HHH #64 Dirty Jammy F*nian B*astards

Peter, Ryan and newcomer Lewis discuss the last week in the world of Celtic


HHH #63 Silenced By The Lambs

Just Peter this week with a very very quick recap of the last week.


HHH #62 Celtic, We Love You

Peter & Ryan this week cover the two Edinburgh games and have our final say on the Rodgers fiasco.


Thanks for listening 

HHH #61 Hard BR-Exit

Peter and Ryan this week discuss.....Brendan


HHH #60 Rent Free

Bumper podcast this week as we discuss 



*Scott Brown living rent free in the minds of Rangers* fans 


HHH #59 Scott from Browntown!

Peter and Ryan this week discuss the last 2 games, enjoy.