Half Hour Hoops Podcast

HHH #74 A New Face

Peter, Ryan and 2nd half Stephen go over the Scotland game and the latest news at Celtic. Lustig gone? Turnbull in!


HHH #73 Treble Treble

Peter, Stephen and Lewis discuss Celtics historical treble treble.

Lennon as manager.

Chopping block winner.



HHH #72 Trophy Day,You Love To See It

Peter, Ryan and Lewis discuss the trophy day victory over Hearts


HHH #71 Pish

Peter and Lewis discuss the old fi.....Glasgow derby defeat...groan

HHH #70 Champions Again, As You Know

Peter, Ryan and Lewis discuss Celtic clinching the title at the weekend.


HHH #69 Legends Never Die

Peter, Ryan and Lewis discuss the Celtic news of the past week.


HHH #68 Sheep Shagged

The team go over the Aberdeen game and the usual chat 


HHH #67 Brutal

Peter and Steff this week discuss the last 2 games.


HHH #66 F’kin Eez-eh

A full pod this week as we discuss the Rangers game and all the fallout.


HHH #65 Let’s Finish This

Peter and Ryan this week discuss the Scotland games and preview the Rangers game.